Toronto Mobile Welding and Metal Fabricating

Since 1999, DDM Welding has earned a reputation as a leader in the trade in providing custom welding and metal fabrication services in the Greater Toronto Area and across Ontario. DDM offers a large full service workshop facility staffed by Canada’s most skilled and professional licensed and certified welders, featuring state of the art equipment and welding tools. With over 26 trucks on the road, DDM’s mobile service is available to travel to client sites for welding repair work on anything, anywhere and are available 24/7 for welding repair emergencies.

We specialize in:

  • Commercial , Industrial and manufacturing plant welding
  • Mobile welding and fabrication
  • Piping systems, boilers and pressure vessels
  • Metal fabrication services
  • Construction and structural welding and fabrication/ erection
  • Heavy equipment repair
  • Custom industrial part fabrication and OEM part replacement
  • Artisanal and architectural welding
  • All welding processes with all types of metal

Our Services

We are experts in a range of welding services from industrial welding to artisanal welding and custom metal fabrication. We weld it all with no job too big or small. From construction welding repairs for commercial buildings to pipe work for water treatment plants, to beam installations for construction. You can rely on DDM for a safe. professional job…when only the experts will do!



We weld on-site at our state of the art metal shop or off-site with our mobile service. Materials we work with include:


  •  Cast iron
  •  Stainless steel
  •  Carbon steels
  •  Aluminum



We can fabricate anything made out of steel. Bring us your designs and we engineer and fabricate or replicate any tool or part, even ones that are no longer available is also our specialty. Typical projects include:


  •  Custom railings
  •  Water tanks
  •  Structural beams
  •  Dump truck bins



In case of emergency, we’ve got 26 mobile welding trucks on the road for your convenience and accessible, 24/7. Anything that’s too large to transport to our facility we can weld and repair it on-site. Typical projects include:


  •  Loading dock repair
  •  Outdoor railings
  •  Hot taps
  •  Pipe burst



Our mechanical services cover big jobs such as demolition, removal, repair, or installation of existing or new piping systems. We’re experts in repairing or altering natural or medical gas piping and hot water heating. Typical projects include:


  •  Hot water systems
  •  Material handling systems
  •  Natural gas piping
  •  Piping projects & Hot taps

Welding Qualifications

Our Certifications

At DDM mobile welding, quality assurance is top our priority. We test our welders once a year for key industry safety certifications and stay up-to-date on welding industry and trade qualifications and standards.


As trailer hitch and vehicle accessory specialists, we know we can rely on DDM to fix and fabricate the metal parts we need in our business. From custom trailer hitches to snow plow repairs, we’re able to count on DDM’s welding and metal fabrication experts to help us stay on top of changing technology and keep our customers’ vehicles in good shape.


-Rick Rowe, Hitch City

DDM built the new railing outside our Cathedral, helping us be more accessible to our members.  We were in a hurry with winter approaching this year and they installed it just in time for Christmas services and Liturgies! With a lot of seniors coming to our church, we want to make sure everyone is safe going up the staircases. Our members with their priest Fr. Marek love it and they are so Thankful for that great and prompt job in bad weather condition because they’re able to come to our services more easily.

-The Byzantine Catholic Slovak Cathedral of The Nativity of The Mother of God

N-Two Cryogenic is in the business of providing support for on-site emergency and scheduled maintenance repairs and alterations to water HVAC heating and cooling and gas lines and we only work with partners we can trust. DDM is able to handle our most challenging, specialized welding jobs, including welding when we have to apply pipe freezing as well as on hot taps, high pressure systems and natural gas pipelines. DDM is one of our suppliers that can fill this requirement as needed to provide a safe and reliable repair.


-Dave H. Alford, Supervisor | N2 Cryogenics

We Weld it Right,
On Any Site.

In Service Since 1999
Year of Experience
Satisfied Customers
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We Weld it Right,
On Any Site.

In Service Since 1999
Year of Experience